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Mojo Tree
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Extend MojoWorld 3 Standard with vast procedural forests! Use preset trees or customizable MojoTree objects—your forests can be made of more than just plants.

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Animate clouds, stars, water, land—even the sun's time of day—with MojoMove. Extend MojoWorld 3 Standard with libraries of ready-to-use animated content.

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Instantly enhance your MojoWorld images with 2D effects! All can be added to your still images for greater artistic effect.

Other Products

MojoWorld 3 Pro
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Take control of your 3D world creation with powerful procedural MojoWorld extensions and the MojoGraph professional node-based editor.

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MojoWorld Focus has all the advantages of a truly 3D planetary environment with the ease of working in a 2D layout program!

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Render incredible art based on complete 3D planets! It is your first step towards fantastic, fractal artwork.

MojoWorld 3 Viewer

Explore complete MojoWorlds with free MojoWorld Viewer! It's your passport for exploring galaxies of MojoWorlds created by MojoWorld artists.

All MojoWorld 3 products have the same awesome power:
  • Next-generation fractal technology available only from Pandromeda.
  • Intuitive tools for creating and manipulating your world.
  • Terrain with overhangs—a MojoWorld exclusive!
  • Integration with all your existing 2D and 3D tools—even your digital camera.
  • Open architecture: extend MojoWorld functionality to suit your personal needs.

Create and explore your own worlds, your way.

Look up, look down, look all around you—only MojoWorld 3 puts you on a complete planet with perfect detail everywhere you go. It's just like being there! There's never been anything like this before: MojoWorld is literally a window on a parallel universe full of planets as real as planet Earth.

The revolutionary MojoWorld 3 product line turns you loose in these incredible worlds to create, sculpt, and populate them to realize your personal vision, in infinite detail. MojoWorld's amazing procedural fractal engine creates pixel-level detail at any resolution, distance, or field of view, for realism the likes of which you've never seen before—except in reality!

3D artists, graphic designers, game developers, animators, and video professionals alike will discover the perfect combination of ease of use and power for all your terrain- and world-building needs.

MojoWorld 3 Focus
Take your digital photos to the next dimension with MojoWorld 3 Focus! Insert yourself into incredible new worlds.
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MojoWorld 3 Standard
Start with nothing—create everything! Build complete 3D planets to your exact specifications. It's the premier complete world and terrain building solution.
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MojoWorld 3 Professional
Take control of your 3D world creation with powerful procedural MojoWorld extensions and the MojoGraph™ professional node-based shader editor.
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