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Instantly enhance your MojoWorld images with 2D effects! All can be added to your still images for greater artistic effect.

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MojoWorld 3
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Start with nothing-create everything! Build complete 3D planets to your exact specifications. It's the premier complete world and terrain building solution.

MojoWorld 3 Pro
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Take control of your 3D world creation with powerful procedural MojoWorld extensions and the MojoGraph professional node-based editor.

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Render incredible art based on complete 3D planets! It is your first step towards fantastic, fractal artwork.

MojoWorld 3 Viewer

Explore complete MojoWorlds with free MojoWorld Viewer! It's your passport for exploring galaxies of MojoWorlds created by MojoWorld artists.


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Recommended System Requirements


Windows 98SE, 2000 or XP
Pentium 3 / Althon Processor - 1GHz or higher
32MB 3D Graphics Card
Open GL™
Adobe Acrobat Reader
256MB available RAM
350MB hard disk space (typical install)

MacOS 9 or X
Power PC G4 processor or higher
32MB 3D Graphics Card
Open GL™
256MB available RAM
350MB hard disk space (typical install)
MojoWorld Focus
$49 Full Version

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Release your creativity with MojoWorld Focus! Fantastic worlds become the stage for your digital compositions. It's easy to do—you don't need to be a computer whiz. Take your digital photos to the next dimension with MojoWorld Focus!

MojoWorld Focus is the small but wild step from boring digital images to amazing new art. Put yourself, your friends and even your pets on incredible new worlds using your own photos and Photo Trimmer, the editor for trimming out photo backgrounds. It is as easy as putting dolls in a dollhouse. Got a bad cat? Banish her to Mars! Need to get away with your family? Drop yourselves into a tropical paradise. Stage your next masterpiece in MojoWorld Focus!

Feature Highlights

Instant Planets: Roll the dice, make a planet! Billions of unique combinations of landscapes, oceans, suns, stars and more await you with PlanetWizard 3. Only MojoWorld Focus gives you entire worlds to explore and populate!

Explore and Edit: Explore the world to find the perfect location for your digital shoot. Drop in pictures, stage lights, add 3D objects and more, anywhere on the planet. Add incredible post effects easily.

Easy to Create: There isn't an easier way to stage your work! You don't need to master incredibly complex software to make incredible art. MojoWorld Focus installs easily on your MacOS or Windows computer and lets you work your magic in two simple and fun creative areas.


Fantastic Results: Easily polish your art for output to your personal printer or share with your friends by email. Select just the right size and level of detail that you want for your final image and presto! You don't need a degree in math to figure out how to get the right size and quality with MojoWorld Focus.

New Worlds to Explore: You aren't limited to just one planet! MojoWorld Focus comes with several unique planets and you can download more from Watch our website for holiday planets, perfect for creation of unique holiday cards!

Special Bonus: Paint up to 14 post effects with FREE Shortcut PhotoArtist Express! Included in a special, limited time offer with MojoWorld Focus. For Mac OS X and Windows!



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